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"Sapper" is an automatic coconut palm tapping system developed for tapping neera or toddy.

Neera is a delicious and nutritious sap, tapped from the inflorescence of the coconut trees. It transforms to coco sugar when it is evaporated to dryness and turns to toddy (alcoholic drink) when it undergoes natural fermentation.

Tapping neera/toddy from the coconut trees are doing manually in every coconut cultivating countries. The basic procedures are common in all regions such as stimulation of the inflorescence, cutting of its apex and collection of neera to a pot. Though neera and its value added products creates 7 times more income to the farmers than the income from nut production, tappers have to put his backbreaking effort to tap the neera out from an inflorescence. Most of the trained tappers were discontinued and moved to much easier job. Now tappers are available only 1 % of its requirement. Due to this reason most of the neera producers were quit from the neera business.

A tapper has to climb one coconut tree at 3 times a day for a period of 3 months during the productive life of a single inflorescence; resulting 270 times of climbing. It is possible to replace these 270 times of climbing with a single climbing through the installation of our electro mechanical device for Neera extraction and vacuum enabled evacuation. The productivity from single tapper will increase by minimum 18 folds and we are getting a free flow of neera without any contaminations.

Our patent pending technology comprises of tapping devices for each coconut trees and an extraction system


NAVA is focused on designing and developing of innovative products to solve the global challenges. Now we cheered up coconut farmers with our Automatic neera or toddy tapping system.

NAVA Design & Innovation Pvt Ltd is a start-up founded in August 2016 by Mr. Charles Vijay Varghese. We cheered up coconut farmers by designing and developing an automatic neera or toddy tapping machine. We are a recognized start-up by Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), Start-up India. We are a registered member of Kerala Start-up Mission (KSUM). Now incubating at Maker Village, Hi-Tech Innovation Park, KINFRA, Kalamassery, Kochi. We won Idea Day Grant from KSUM and Ankur grant from BPCL.


We are an interdisciplinary team formed to develop a unique solution


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